How to increase profits at your bowling alley



According to a report by, bowling alleys can expect to earn $36,750 per lane, annually. This number was posted in 2019 by a study conducted by Like most businesses, Covid-19 killed business for most bowling alleys throughout the world, but they are back, and many are doing better than ever.

In a time of astronomical costs, bowling alleys seem to be the one thing that has remained a “relatively cheap” activity.

What can you do to help grow the revenue, and increase profits in your bowling alley?

Improve your technology:

Staffing has never been more difficult. Not only is it difficult to find quality staff, but finding quality staff is not cheap. Time and staffing costs can be reduced by implementing a lane reservation and payment system, like

Bowlingbooker allows bowling centers to take lane reservations 24 hours a day, accept payment, manage multiple locations, leagues/groups, send unlimited waivers, and much more. Bowling alleys are known for their nostalgia, however, when it comes to booking customers, they expect modern technology with all of the bells and whistles.

By providing your guests with an easy online booking option, you will increase revenue.

Is your website mobile responsive? Many of the websites that we currently see are old and outdated. We offer clients with the ability to quickly get up and running with a new, modern website for as little as $399 USD.

Turning your Alley into a family fun center:

More and more bowling alleys have expanded to have additional forms of entertainment. This could include pinball machines, arcade games, and other forms of entertainment, like axe throwing or escape rooms. If you have the room to expand, don’t limit yourself to just bowling.

Programs for Youth Bowlers:

Your future success depends on the youth bowlers of today. The most successful bowling alleys in North America offer free training and scheduled time slots for youth bowlers….to bowl for free. That’s right….free. Attracting youth bowlers will only help with your long-term success. Don’t forget, youth bowlers need to be accompanied by an adult, and adults are not free.

If kids don’t have fun, they won’t return. Ensure your alley uses bumpers, a simplified scoring system, lighter-weight bowling balls and has small shoes on hand. Give back to the youth in the community, and reap the rewards for years to come.

For more information on the kids bowl free program, visit:

Marketing on Social Media:

Obtaining a presence on social media isn’t enough. For ads to be seen by new eyeballs, purchasing ads is more important than ever. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow you to pinpoint specific neighborhoods, age groups, and interests. They even have the ability to target users based on upcoming birthdays. Tailor your ad to your audience. If you are targeting parents, you may want to create an ad that shows a kids birthday and most importantly, displays a coupon code or discount for group bookings. Mobile Guest Ltd is a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing for bowling alleys throughout north america.

If your alley doesn’t have a recognizable brand, create one!

Unlike most activities in today’s day and age, bowling alleys don’t require guests to spend an absurd amount of money to have fun. I mean….it costs over $100 for a family to go to a movie. Be sure to focus on the low-cost night out, for the entire family.

Selling Alcohol and Food:

Obtaining a liquor license may be the best decision you will ever make. It’s likely that you may have already explored this option, and your building is not zoned or capable of obtaining a permit to sell alcohol. If you are looking to purchase an alley, this could be a potential gold mine that the previous owners did not explore.

Make food a priority. Does your location have room to add a kitchen?

Ladies Nights:

Does your bowling alley offer league or Ladies nights? A ladies night is a great way to attract female bowling enthusiasts. Many centers will offer discounted beverages and free shoe rentals for ladies nights. Consider partnering with local spas and restaurants to help get your brand out. The spa down the street would likely be only too happy to offer your guests a discount for their services. Cross-promotion with other local businesses is a massive opportunity to promote your business and grow your name in your community.


A bowling league is a group of people who bowl together on a regular basis, typically once a week. Leagues can be organized for bowlers of all skill levels and may be open to individuals or teams.

In a bowling league, participants bowl a predetermined number of games each week, and their scores are recorded. At the end of the season, the bowlers with the highest scores or the most improved scores may receive prizes or awards.

Many bowling alleys offer leagues for bowlers of all ages and skill levels, and some even offer special leagues for kids or seniors. Joining a league can be a great way to meet new people, improve your bowling skills, and have fun on a regular basis.

There are several types of bowling leagues, including:

  1. Open leagues: These leagues are open to bowlers of all skill levels.
  2. Handicap leagues: These leagues use a handicap system to level the playing field for bowlers of different skill levels.
  3. Youth leagues: These leagues are specifically for young bowlers and may have modified rules and scoring to make the game more accessible for kids.
  4. Senior leagues: These leagues are for bowlers aged 55 and over.
  5. Ladies’ leagues: These leagues are for female bowlers.
  6. Mixed leagues: These leagues are for bowlers of both genders.

To join a league, you’ll usually need to sign up in advance and pay a league fee, which may include the cost of bowling and any additional amenities such as shoe rentals. League play typically lasts for a set number of weeks, and at the end of the season, prizes may be awarded to the top bowlers.

Unlike most booking softwares for bowling centers, BowlingBooker has the ability to manage leagues.


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